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Flow Screw provides many useful tools for both suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to assist in implementing flow drilling technology into products to help produce lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient vehicles.


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Providing the manufacturing industry with a complete and extensive database for flow drilling technology, applications, and design troubleshooting.


User Forum & Expert Support

Driven by experts in the industry, FLOWSCREW provides a user forum for discussions on flow drilling that is supported by industry experts who are looking to educate and help manufacturers interested in flow drilling technology.


Equipment Manufacturers

FLOWSCREW keeps track of all major manufacturers of flow drilling equipment providing detailed information about the features and benefits of their current product offerings allowing customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.


Screw Manufacturers

There are many different screw designs in the flow drilling world. We explain all the different variations and designs to assist in product development.

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What is the purpose of flow screw technology? Flow screws were engineered as a solution to single sided applications. Typically, BIW hard joints are either welded or riveted together. Both of these joining methods require some method of support of the back side of the joint during the fastening process. Issues arise when automotive assemblies and structures increase in complexity leaving the engineering team with closeouts or single sided joint requirements. Flow Drilling or Flow Form screws are the solution to this ever growing problem. There are many advantages to using flow screws...


Many OEM's already use flow screw technology in their light weight aluminum chassis. Aluminum construction originated in the performance vehicle market, but has since trickled down into high volume production models such as the F150. The list of vehicle manufacturers utilizing flow screw technology is constantly expanding. Some OEM's using this technology include:

  • Audi
  • Mercedes Benz
  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Porsche
  • Lamborghini
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FlowScrew.com is dedicated to bringing over 10 years of flow drilling experience together providing a central knowledge base for single sided aluminum joining.
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